A lace front (hair attached on a partial cap) or full lace (hair attached to a full cap) wig is simply that - human hair "knotted" (slip knotted) into a lace foundation. The beauty of this process is that the lace used is extremely delicate, either French lace or even more delicate Swiss lace, thus becoming invisible once placed on the head with either adhesive tape or adhesive liquid.


The cap is custom created for each person, using the unique dimensions of their head shape. The full lace wig covers all the areas that hair would grow from - from front of head to nape and from ear to ear. While a lace front wig covers from front of head to middle of crown and from ear to ear, providing the wearer with the option to wear their own hair from the crown down to the nape of the neck.

Each individual hair is actually "slip knotted" into a custom made lace cap. This process if done properly gives the illusion that the hair is actually growing from the scalp of the lace front wig wearer. There are wig making schools popping up all over the place, which helps women to understand the process - not only for their own use, but hair salon owners and beauticians are seeing a boost in their income by providing their clients with this alternative, which is healthier alternative to the weaving and braiding and perming and strain put on a woman's own hair. The lace cap, again if created correctly, covers the client's head completely, and is "glued" or "taped" down to the skin of the client's head.

Though this sounds kind of strange, take a good look at Beyonce and Tyra and you will be able to see how versatile they are in their look - all because they have the ability to change their hair color, texture, length at any time.


The other positive about lace front wig is that the cost of owning one won't break your bank account. But supply and demand has provided a number of other economical alternatives for women who can't afford or refuse to pay such a high cost of having a quality lace front wig.